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About us

TEXTIL UNIWERSAL EURO has been in the Polish textile market since the end of the 1970s. Our first successes came when the company started importing fabrics. However, the high demands imposed by the textile market as well as the economical situation in Poland forced us to look for new solutions which would satisfy customers' requirements as well as meeting the company owners' ambitions. And at this point we developed the idea of creating a textile factory. This enterprise has enabled us to widen the range of textiles we have on offer from plain to decorative to special application textiles.

For more than 25 years EURO has successfully fought for its position in the textile industry. Nowadays, in a very demanding and competitive market, we are a leading textiles manufacturer, well-known and acclaimed in Poland and abroad. With every passing year we can offer a wider range of fabrics of the highest quality as well as more and more possibilities of finishing both our own fabrics and those of our customers'.

The machinery we have can easily satisfy our customers' needs in all areas, including colouring, design, crushing and crinkling of fabrics and ready-made products, pleating, coating and laser finishing.

Our staff are here to give our customers professional advice and help to create new fabrics to meet their demands.