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Bed linen

Lovely to touch, light and available in a wide range of designs. Eurotextil has in stock a wide variety of fabrics, including bed linen. Thanks to Cotton Art we are able to decorate 100% natural textiles so this technology is perfect for designing cotton and silk bed linen. We also use laser drawing which enables us to repeat exactly the same design on every single piece of fabric. This technology, like Cotton Art, is perfect for natural fabrics design - and much more.

Our machinery enables us to create any design our customers wish to apply, in short or long batches. We can also deliver ready-made bedding designs from our elaborate palette of colouring and pattern-designing. The bed linen Eurotextil has on offer is intended for both hotel bedding and retail sale.

Our own textiles as well as those supplied by our customers can be treated with flame retardant and stain repellent finishes. Our textiles are of the highest quality at reasonable prices.