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Curtain Fabrics

We have a wide range of curtain fabrics on offer. We also give a finish to fabrics supplied by our customers. Our curtain fabrics are of exceptional quality and fit contemporary furnishings and stylish interiors as well as hotel rooms and private flats and houses.

We can also offer, according to customers' needs, to decorate polyester fabrics by means of dyeing. Using our own laboratory we can select and match colouring. We also apply Cotton Art technology, ideal for decorating natural textiles and so applicable to linen, cotton, silk and viscose curtains.

We also do computer pleating which creates both fancy and smooth pleats, and crushing: compression, stabilisation and newsprint crushing allow to create curtains of exceptional beauty.

When it comes to curtains their resistance to fire and dirt is of prime importance and so we finish our textiles with flame retardant and stain repellent treatment.